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Are you wanting to rejuvenate an unhealthy, outdated garden or Gold Coast landscape? Give it a fresh or a whole new look! We have the solutions to your landscape problems and can bring the 'WOW factor' to your garden. Our creative, Gold Coast landscaping team will work very closely with you to problem solve and achieve the outcome you desire.

We specialise in garden makeovers.

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About Transforming Gardens

Transforming Gardens is an award winning landscaping company on the Gold Coast, Australia. As the recipient of many awards including a National and two regional conservation awards, we provide a horticultural consultation, design and soft landscape implementation service. We have worked closely with Landscape Designers on a number of projects in South East Queensland.

Transforming Gardens has a great team of experienced landscapers, involved at every stage of the landscape project and can provide a cost efficient and specialty service, which will transform any area, from a small courtyard to an expansive backyard, into a functional and beautiful outdoor living space.

Find out more about the creative team ready to transform your garden with the exceptional services they provide!

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