Getting your Gold Coast garden ‘summer proofed’ is very important for the health and general well-being of your plants.

Transforming Gardens are specialists in preparing your garden to cope with the warmer temperatures, which we can expect this summer. Our trained landscape and maintenance teams are experts in solving soil problems and providing landscape and design solutions, so that your garden can be enjoyed over the Christmas & New Year holiday break.

Summer proof your garden with Transforming Gardens

The summer is particularly harsh in SE QLD, with storms, high temperatures, long hours of intense sun and particularly drying afternoon winds. These conditions are very destructive and it is particularly important to address soil issues to assist plants in maintaining their vigour and health and to maximize growth.

Healthy soils are the key to good gardening. By improving the soil texture, structure and microbial activity, precious moisture will be retained for longer in the ground and root zone, which in turn help your plants withstand the heat.

Moisture absorption is important; when the rains finally arrive you do not want your much needed water running off the surface.

The addition of mulch (below, our Transforming Gardens team members, Anna & Tim undertaking mulching with hoop fines) helps in water retention, keeps the soil cooler and keeps those ‘pesky’ weeds at bay. Ensure that you water the soil well, before and after the addition of mulch and apply to a depth of 75 to 100mm.

Additionally, a good spray of Seasol and Powerfeed will improve your gardens health by adding nutrients to both the soil and the plants.

Seasol is a complete garden health treatment promoting healthy roots, encouraging beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulating flowers and fruit and aids plants to cope with the stress of Summer heat.

Powerfeed is a fertiliser and contains dynamic soil improvers in the form of humic acid and assists in the reduction of water and nutrient leaching in sandy soils.

If your soil has a particularly bad problem absorbing water, Transforming Gardens suggest Seasol super soil wetter. This product improves water penetration in soils, retaining moisture at the root zone and maximizing the nutrient uptake.

Transforming Gardens Summer To Do List:

  • Remember to give actively growing plants regular applications of liquid fertilizer i.e. Roses, pawpaw, vegetables, herbs and bananas.
  • Lightly prune or deadhead any spring – flowering plants i.e. Natives, shrubs, hedges, climbers and roses.
  • For an organic treatment of weeds on pathways and between pavers spray with vinegar. Do not allow the spray on to your plants.
  • For a healthy lawn avoid watering at windy times. Water less often, but for longer to allow deeper water penetration and promote deeper grass roots. Apply a fertilizer that is combined with a soil wetting agent. Avoid using a hose as it tends to be less efficient than a sprinkler and can result in poor water penetration.
  • A well-fed and maintained lawn that is cut at a good height will be fairly resistant to damage from those Gold Coast hot and dry weather conditions. The real trick is to make sure that when you water, you do it both effectively and efficiently.

N.B. Lawn and turf areas work like giant filters trapping dust and dirt, keeping it out of your home. The lawn surface can be up to 10 degrees cooler than surrounding hard surfaces.
A healthy lawn dampens reflected noise by up to 20% and reduces glare.