A recent garden transformation by our Gold Coast team involved creating a private garden, in a quiet suburban street. Originally open to the road, we built a rendered wall, with vertical openings, to create a sense of enclosure.

The soft landscape was a mixture of succulents, zoysia and myoporum, with two feature specimen plants; a frangipani and a native gardenia. Gravel and hoop fines were used to create an interesting textural foil. The strategic placement of the adirondack chair creates an interesting focal point.

Zoiysia is a creeping grass that clumps and forms interesting textural shapes.It is hard wearing and tolerant to SE Qld weather conditions .

Garden transformation

Garden transformation   The architectural lines in the fence, allow some interest in the garden and also add to the street view.The shadows generated by this feature also create an interesting play with the light.The client was excited by the garden transformation, especially as there is an extra room in the garden.