Want to try something new in the herb garden? Why not plant  turmeric in the next few weeks, into warm soil or a  pot?Turmeric

The rhizomes (pictured above) should be planted 5-7 cm deep. I tend to grow them in pots, as the plant can become invasive. it is very easy to grow and requires little attention during the summer. The plant has a very attractive broad leaf and a beautiful white flower. The plant grows vigorously during the warmer months, so ensure it receives adequate water.

Tur meric

The herbaceous perennial is antiseptic and astringent and the rhizomes can be used in curry pastes and dried for grinding. I tend to freeze my turmeric and ginger and thaw out the desired quantity when cooking. the plant matures in 9 -10 months and is ready to harvest when the leaved die down in the winter. Harvesting turmeric is easy, carefully dig out the rhizomes and save some for replanting.

Turmeric also has an important role as an anti-inflammatory. Fresh turmeric can be made into tea by finely grating two teaspoons of fresh root( wear gloves, as it stains). Put this into a cup and add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Pour boiling water over the top and leave to stand for about 4 minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey if you like it  sweeter, and drink.