Garden style and  trends change over the years, from English cottage to Mediterranean to native and with many people living on smaller properties, let’s not forget the courtyard garden.

Today’s contemporary garden trends focus on the utilisation of outdoor rooms, be it a courtyard or apartment balcony and these areas can become an extension to your living space. A pergola added to the garden (below), combined with a hard wearable surface, such as tiles, can create a functional  space that creates an indoor/outdoor flow, perfect for entertaining, any time of year.

Garden style

Smaller areas can rely on the use of pots and vertical gardens to create focal points and personalise your garden style.The tiny garden below, was dry and arid before our Gold Coast team removed the existing stones, excavated, laid turf and created a focal point of two pots planted with Heliconia.

Garden style

Bold, clean lines are important in the design and where space permits a water feature or pool provides interest and has a cooling effect on the garden.The water feature below has a pond, resplendent with goldfish, adds a soothing effect to the garden, especially when the water trickles down the face of the pot.

Garden style

Pots also can be juxtaposed in small spaces, to provide accent and interest. The pot below provides a vertical element to the garden and works successfully even without a plant.The urn provides a design foil, that contrasts with the architectural textures of the  bromeliads and heliconias.

So what is your garden style?

Don’t worry if you can’t define it, just make sure you get out in the garden and have some fun!