This week, from October 8-14,  marks National Garden Week, a time when we are encouraged to get into the garden and get our hands dirty.

After the welcome rain, Spring is now in full swing and an appropriate time to add general fertiliser and compost to the garden. New plant growth stimulated by the warmer spring  weather with be looking for nutrients, and soil microorganisms will be activated to help nutrients in the fertiliser become available to plant roots. In anticipation of the hot summer months ahead, it’s also a good time to mulch, especially when there is some moisture in the soil from the recent rainfall.


National garden week

Consider a light pruning and  trimming off all spent flowers, to prevent energy and nutrients being wasted on unwanted and unattractive seed pods, especially on specimens such as Melaleuca,Grevillea, Callistemon and Golden Penda trees.

Cut back tropical foliage plants like acalyphas, cordylines (pictured below) and crotons  and they should shoot again quickly with the warmer weather. Save the prunings and use the cuttings to propagate new plants.

Fertilise and topdress your lawn and apply a broadleaf spray, to keep your lawn haelathy and vigorous.

National garden week

Not that you need reminding, but Christmas & New year isn’t that far away, so hurry up and get those heavy gardening  jobs finished before it gets too hot. National Garden Week should be tha catalyst to get things organised so you can be ready and relaxed for entertaining visitors over the holiday season.