From a small courtyard, to a vegetable or herb garden,or an acerage, being green is healthy and good for our wellbeing.Today, gardening, like cooking, has become trendy and a has evolved into a perfect pastime.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important that we should be spending more time close to nature and in our garden.

1. Relaxation in a garden sanctuary

According to research, nearly 3/4 of Australians see their garden as a place to relax, refresh and renew and as a sanctuary for mental wellbeing. Contact with nature has psychological and health benefits, which includes stress reduction, a positive effect on mental restoration and the potential for increased longevity.

Being green

2. Planting trees

Shade is cool and this is especially true on the Gold Coast. The benefits of shade in the garden are that it can reduce temperature by up to eight degrees which  has a flow on effect to your home. Shade can reduce summertime air conditioner use and reduce carbon emissions by 12- 15 per cent annually.

Being green

3. Biophilia

A strange word in a gardening article, but the biophilia hypothesis suggests that human beings have a tendency to seek a connection with nature. Moreover, children who have access to nature have improved mental and emotional wellbeing which in turn translates to a positive effect on their behaviour. Also gardening is a great opportunity to bond with your children while passing on knowledge.


 Being green

 Being green

4. Go organic

Teaching children to grow and enjoy the taste of fruit and vegetables, is part of a world life movement, fuelled by celebrity chefs and lifestyle TV shows. Combining organic vegetable growing with a backyard chicken coop and then teaching the children how to cook with  produce is a life lesson in sustainability.What an enjoyable classroom!

Being green

5. Connect with the community

Want to be part of a community gardening project?

Community gardens are a great way for residents without their own garden, or those who want to be part of a community gardening project and get out to use their green fingers.

To connect with other gardening enthusiasts search the internet for local groups.The Gold Coast has about 11 community gardens, as part of a citywide program.

Whether you are growing a medley of herbs or transforming a patio with potted colour, our quest for being green, clean and healthy makes gardening a perfect past time.

Let’s get gardening!