Summer storms have  been prevalent this year and the autumn rain has been a welcome sight  for the garden. Now is an opportune time to get some fertilizer on your lawn, trees and shrubs to optimize plant growth before the winter sets in.

I have noticed a mass of new growth on our Bougainvillea and have given a well needed trim. I also gave the plant beds a top up mulch to keep the moisture in the soil.

Autumn rain


A 50-75 mm top up of mulch on your garden beds now, will also help to keep the weeds at bay and  an addition of compost, will keep those soil micro organisms happy within the plants root zone.

The warmth and the rain have also brought out the bugs, as conditions are optimal, so be vigilant and give your plants a protective organic spray, or a power feed or seasol treatment to fortify the plants against pest and disease attack.

Autumn rain

Vegetable planting

Now is a perfect time to get those vegetables planted. Lettuce, beans, aubergine, tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini can go in the ground now.

Autumn rain

Don’t forget to mulch around the seedlings and give them some Seasol post planting, to help their roots develop quickly and maximize the autumn rain.

The storm season brings welcome autumn rain to the garden and shows the ominous power of the sub tropical climate.

Autumn rain

Enjoy the autumn rain, as Spring will be here before we know it!