Many Gold Coast gardens in January are neglected, with the aftermath of  Christmas and the New Year, with family and holidays taking priority, so it is now time to make your garden resolution. The summer heat and humidity, keeps most gardeners indoors or in the pool, but now is a great time to contemplate your outdoor living requirements and plan for the year ahead.

Garden maintenance

Your garden will benefit from some basic maintenance with a tidy up and trim. Minor pruning and weeding will be a priority, especially after our warm summer days, which promote vegetative growth. If you don’t have the time or inclination our experienced team at Transforming Gardens are happy to assist with your maintenance requirements. Keeping on top of your garden pays dividends, as removing unwanted vegetationcn increase air flow around your plants and can minimize disease and infection.

Modify your garden

Redesigning your plant selection can drastically minimize your garden maintenance e.g. replacing hedging like Duranta (below) with low maintenance succulents or bromeliads (below right).

Remove Duranta hedge for a garden resolution  garden makeover

Renovate your outdoor living area

Remember  your outdoor living spaces must be functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Hard landscaping such as decking and paving can be expensive, but your garden can be enhanced quickly with the judicious use of fast growing sub tropical and tropical plants. A green foil or screen of plants can divide your garden into intimate spaces and provide a shady sanctuary to escape the heat of the summer and provide a perfect entertaining area. Our design team can meet on site and come up with a solution. Pictured below is a one day makeover of a courtyard garden, with a quick paint of the rendered wall and the addition of some soft landscape planting. See for yourself the remarkable transformation, with the before and after photos. 

Courtyard before photo For a garden resolution

Courtyard after photo For a garden resolution
One day Transforming Gardens Makeover in Runway Bay.