Transform your garden into a succulent sensation, by filling your landscape with these sturdy beauties. Cacti and other xerophytes make impressive low maintenance gardens and best of all they love the heat and can withstand drought.

Succulents are easy to propagate. All you need to do is remove a leaf from the rosette, let it dry out for a day or so, to avoid rotting and lay the leaf flat on propagating media and water sparingly.

In only a few weeks you will notice “pups” or new plants forming and in no time you will have some more plants to use in the garden.


Planting these beauties is easy, if you follow these 4 simple steps;

1. Soil preparation

Succulents need a well drained planting media to flourish. Fork over the area well and remove any weeds and incorporate sand and compost in equal parts to improve drainage. Mounding the beds will assist drainage and provide some interest with differing levels.

2. Planting

Depending on the area and quantity of plants, work out your design beforehand. Remember to use the plants for accent and focal point, strategically placed according to their texture, shape, size and structure.

3. Watering

During the establishment period, water your plants when the soil media feels dry to the touch. An occasional liquid feed with a proprietary succulent / cacti formulation will keep the plants strong and vigorous.

4. Mulching 

To protect the plants delicate root structure, mulch with a small grade aggregate. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppresses weeds and helps create a microclimate by retaining heat.

The rosettes (below) of these succulents contrast superbly against the white aggregate.

Succulent sensation

Let’s get planting and create a succulent sensation in your Gold Coast garden. These tough plants make a fabulous display and once established they will last you a lifetime.

Best of all they are easy to propagate and make fabulous gifts for your friends and family.