23 Apr 2017
Garden transformation

Garden transformation

A recent garden transformation by our Gold Coast team involved creating a private garden in a quiet suburban street. Originally open to the road, we built a rendered wall, with vertical openings to create a sense of enclosure.

08 Apr 2017
Autumn colour

Autumn colour

As summer ends and the days get shorter, it is good to have some autumn colour to bring a vibrant edge to the garden. A favourite in Gold Coast gardens is Ixora and it is flowering profusely after the recent autumn rain.

02 Apr 2017
Murray hedge

Autumn flush

The recent rain at the end of a long hot summer, has promoted an autumn flush in the garden. Now is an opportune time to get some fertilizer on your lawn, trees and shrubs to optimize plant growth before the winter sets in.

05 Feb 2017

Pots and Urns in your Garden

Incorporating pots and urns in your garden brings life to any outdoor space, be it a courtyard, balcony or patio. The strategic placement of a classical urn, or zen bowl, planted with succulents or mother in laws tongue can enhance the gardens look and provide a whole new dimension to the space.

29 Jan 2017

Ginger plants for your garden

Ginger is well known for use in the kitchen, but many home gardeners are unaware of the huge variety of ornamental gingers that can be used in the garden. These plants are a ‘must have’ in your landscape,as they provide a lush textural contrast and flower prolifically, with little or no fuss.

27 Jan 2017

Making your Garden Makeover Resolution this Year

Many Gold Coast gardens in January are neglected, with the aftermath of Christmas and the New Year, with family and holidays taking priority, so it is now time to make your garden resolution. The summer heat and humidity, keeps most gardeners indoors or in the pool, but now is a great time to contemplate your outdoor living requirements and plan for the year ahead.

16 Jan 2017
Summer proof your garden with Transforming Gardens

Beating Garden heat

How do you prevent your garden from suffering from the heat wave experienced on the Gold Coast in the first few weeks of the New Year?

The abnormally high temperatures and drying winds put your garden plants under extreme stress, but our team at Transforming Gardens have a few tips to keep your garden healthy and vigorous during the summer months.

08 Jan 2017

Sensational Succulents

You may have noticed around the Gold Coast, the increasing use of succulents in Council gardens and roundabouts.
Landscape designers are now using these drought tolerant, tough and architecturally stunning plants in many of their garden designs.

02 Jan 2017

Eating from your Own Backyard

Planting out a backyard with a vegetable or herb garden is a healthier and more sustainable choice and can be a very exciting and satisfying experience, especially after you utilise your first ‘harvest’ in your salads or marinade.